Nichola Avangarde Sofa Set



    Nichola Avangarde Sofa  Set

    Designed for Asortie Furniture’s new season seats collection, the Nikola avant-garde sofa set has a simpler line than the classic sedan suite models. The sofa set model with elegant classic lines was produced with natural handmade handmade wooden handmade craftsmanship. The Nikola sedan model, which is smaller than other sofa sets, is specially designed for smaller spaces. The antique cream lacquer is also available in different colors on the sofa set which is patched with patina and homemade patisserie and gold foil. A coffee table can also be added to the seating group, which consists of two sofas and two single sofas. The Nikola avant-garde sofa set can be designed specifically for the space with the color and size options that our model wants. The Avant-garde sofa set features orthopedic sponges and first-class fabrics for a very comfortable fit. Asortie Furniture’s more avant-garde sofa set is preferable to users who can not give up classic lines, but want a lesser model.


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